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COVID-19 Tracker

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COVID-19 Tracker

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The links are for web maps that provide an overview of COVID-19 cases and response resources in various states nationwide. Each featured web map identifies COVID-19 and its hotspots, in which it provides up-to-date information on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths--along with a weekly percent change in cases and deaths—and locations of major public transportation hubs that may facilitate the spread of COVID-19. To facilitate the fight against COVID-19, the web maps provide the locations and crucial information on the facilities that are being utilized to identify and/or treat COVID-19 cases, features include but are not limited to: permanent hospitals, field hospitals, COVID-19 testing sites, and pharmacy locations. The web map will be maintained on a constant basis to assist in COVID-19 response operations and planning through their respective states.


1) Click on an image to open the specified web map.

2) Within the web map, click on the "Contents" button to display or hide the map layers.

3) Follow the web map's instructions for operating the COVID-19 Cases Time Slider function.

4) To view the web map's overview information (such as Terms of Use and Credits), click on the "About" button and "More Details..."

All featured web maps and its contents are for non-commercial research and development purposes only. The web maps were developed using public and private Geographic Information System digital data. The Nomad Group, LLC makes no claim to the currency or accuracy of the data displayed.

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