The Nomad Group Business Services and Solutions

Whether it’s surgical strike strategy or broad stroke support, our project team can become your project team.

Below are some of the services we offer.

Environmental Advising

Spatial Analysis
Resource Assessment Reporting
Wetland Mitigation and Restoration
Impact Statements
Brownfields Redevelopment
Litigation Consulting and Testimony
NEPA Reports
Compliance Audits
Phase I and Phase II Assessment
Land Use Permitting and Wetland Delineation

Cartographic Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Technical, Analytical, Regulatory Research and Assistance
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Customizable In-House and Remote GIS Training
Database Design and Data Management
Customizable Data Server Development
Project Support and Development
In-House Consulting and Remote Access

Project Management

Construction Assessment and Support
Incident Command Systems
Regulatory Compliance and Negotiation
Oversight Coordination
Data Recording and Reporting
OSHA Compliance
Health and Safety Management


Renewable Energy and Sustainability Studies
Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
Wetland Mitigation and Habitat Creation
Policy and Research
Ecological Conservation Education
Certification Services
Community Service
Training and Development

Emergency and Disaster

Incident Assessment and Management
Storage Tank Management and Removal
HAZMAT Spill Response and Management
Air Monitoring and Risk Assessment
First Responder Emergency Spill Containment
Site Restoration and Remediation

Defense Engineering

Systems Safety Engineering
Unmanned Systems Analysis
Systems Hazard Analysis
Mitigation Strategy Recommendations
Technical and Research Support
HAZMAT Management Plan Development
Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Development Support

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